Artist Birtday : 12/09/1985 (Age 34)
Born In : DRC
Occupation(s) : Singer, Songwriter
Genres : Afrobeat


Musabwa Patrick known as “Kitoko Bibarwa” the eldest in the Family of 3 siblings, is a Rwandan Afro-beat artist. He released his debut album, Ifaranga composed by 12 songs, in January 2009. The album enjoyed immediate and wide success in Rwanda .Kitoko after his first album he released 2 more albums which made him being one of the favorite artists known In Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Congo and that was in 2010-2011.

In 2010 Kitoko was invited in President Paul Kagame tour campaign where Rwandans in different regions showed him love and support. In the same year he has gone wide and got awarded in several sections he also sang in the world cup in South Africa. Kitoko was a favorite to many that helped him being famous and made many concerts in many parts of Africa like Senegal, South Africa and the whole east africa as well as some countries of Europe and the United states.

Sangiza Abandi!